Car detailing is essential when looking to make the most out of your driving experience. Dirt and grime can get into some pretty tough to reach areas in your car. Our experts with years of experience will be able to help you detail your car to achieve that fresh off the lot look and feel.

Carpet and Upholstery

With our carpet and upholstery cleaning methods, we will be able to use hot water extraction technology to remove all of the tough stains that are making your car look older. We will also use a specially blended shampoo that will help to remove any unpleasant odors from your vehicle. Our in-depth cleaning of your carpets and upholstery will also add value to vehicle if you are looking to sell it in the near future

Windows and Sunroof

It can be very difficult to reach all of the areas of your windows inside and out without leaving streaks or other residues. We know just how important it is to have beautifully clean windows and sunroofs when you are looking to have a clean car. We have years of experience making cars look brand new with our window cleaning techniques.

In-Depth Exterior Auto Detailing

When you are looking for the very best exterior car was possible, we will be able to help you achieve this through our exterior auto detailing services. With the use of durable car wax, our exterior auto detailing service can help reduce the visibility of scratches, brighten the shine of your paint, and protect your car from any further scratches. The rims, tires, and wheels are an important focal point of our exterior detailing services as well. Your rims and tires will look shiny and new after our exterior auto detailing services.

Only the Best Equipment Used

We pride ourselves in our work and only use the very best equipment to detail your car. From the shampoo we use to the fine brushes, soft cloths, compressed air and specially formulated cleaners, you can rest assured that we will be taking the very best care of your car. You will no longer have to worry about swirl marks in the clear coat or nasty residue on the interior of your vehicle.

Thorough and Cost-Effective Services

Here at Color Recon, we know the value of a dollar. We have designed our auto detailing service packages to be both thorough and cost-effective. Make sure that you are planning your day accordingly around your auto detailing job as it will most likely take a significant amount of time to complete your detailing job. If you have any special requests for your detailing job, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

The Advantage of Getting Both the Exterior and Interior of Your Car Detailed at the Same Time

Purchasing both the exterior and interior auto detailing services at the same time will be the most cost effective option. With savings on both your money and your time, this is the most realistic way of going about your auto detailing.