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GM Certified Body Shop and Collision Repair

Why Choose a Certified Auto Body Shop?

Color Recon wants to serve you and your vehicles with quality auto service. One of the challenges of owning a vehicle is keeping it running well. Color Recon is able to service vehicles made by General Motors. General Motors is a U.S. company that was founded in 1908. Today, General Motors is one of the major auto manufacturers in the world. Color Recon likes helping car owners who own GM brands like Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and Saturn. Color Recon is also able to help owners of other vehicle brands like Nissan and Honda.

Color Recon gets a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Customer reviews collected by the Better Business Bureau average out at 3.68 out of 5 stars. We want our customers to trust our services. Customers say that Color Recon is good at providing customer care. They appreciate how Color Recon is clear about how long it will take to repair their vehicle. Color Recon has a large shop so that we can handle all the customers who like to visit our business.

Color Recon is certified as a GM brand auto shop. That means that you can trust Color Recon professionals to do a good job with your Chevy pickup or Cadillac Escalade. Customer reviews of Color Recon emphasize the low-stress environment. This is important if you have a busy work schedule. Color Recon wants to make sure that your vehicle gets correct repairs without causing frustration to our valuable customers.

The Color Recon shop is open weekdays from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. Stop by our shop anytime then, and we will be happy to discuss with you how to work on your car’s auto body problems.

Color Recon offers an online service where you can get a repair quote for your vehicle. Simply fill out our online form, and Color Recon staff will be able to get back with you on what it will take to make your vehicle normal again. The damage analysis repair quote is convenient for you. Many of the vehicles that customers have requested quotes for were terribly damaged, but Color Recon staff were able to handle the problem.

It can be frustrating to have a newer vehicle and suffer an accident. Rather than totaling the car, Color Recon can help you get it up and running as good as new. Auto body work is something that Color Recon specializes in. A serious Nissan customer for Color Recon notes that he appreciated the attention to honesty and service that Color Recon staff try to practice.

Color Recon is a good place to stop by if you have an accident or need a paint job for your car. If your vehicle needs repairs for scratches to its paint job, Color Recon has professional staff who can help with that kind of problem. If you would like to learn more about what Color Recon can do for your automobile, be sure to give us a call at 407-678-3368. Color Recon customer service staff are waiting to hear from you.

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