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Yes, folks quite simply said this is a no-brainer. A car wash detail & polish will make it look new. Forget about it! The lease-paper holder never even sees the vehicle. They want the mileage, paint, bumper, and body damage reports only.

It’s called the Final Residual. This is their final opportunity to enforce the fine print in a Lease Agreement. This agreement states that over the normal wear and tear damage clause exists and will be determined by the Lease Holder’s agent. You can bet that within 30-90 days are going to get a tremendous invoice in the mail and it’s not going to make your day. You will wish you had called Color Recon. That’s a fact!

Right here is where Color Recon can be your strongest ally. If you have a 2-5 year lease that is almost over with you probably have some body & paint damage on this vehicle.

Color Recon Mobile Express Certified Technicians can save you thousands of dollars and one terrible headache. Remember, all paint and body damage (no matter how little) will be billed to you at RETAIL BODY SHOP RATES under the lease wear & tear clause.

Call Color Recon today. Estimates are free over the Internet and at your convenience. Repairs can be made on the spot for 1/3 of body shop rates.