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Nissan Certified Body Shop and Collision Repair

Why Choose a Certified Shop?

Color Recon is your auto reconditioning specialist in the Greater Orlando area, offering great services at the best value that you can’t find anywhere else. We utilize highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians. We are also proud to be a part of the Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network.

The Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network is a network of certified dealerships and qualifying independent body shops that are guaranteed to restore your Nissan to manufacturer specifications after a collision. Every Nissan reconditioning specialist has the right tools, equipment, training, and facilities necessary to restore your vehicle. Every Nissan specialist will also guarantee your vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, value, and safety after an accident. Nissan owners are also offered complimentary towing service within 50 miles of our shop. Color Recon’s inclusion in this network is a sign of our dedication to quality practices, and we believe the benefits and guarantees of being in the Nissan Certified Network pass directly onto our customers.

The Nissan Certified Network is overseen by the Assured Performance Network, which is the largest Certified Business Network in the automobile industry. The Nissan Certified Network is dedicated to developing a national network of collision body shops and dealerships to service the repair needs of all Nissan cars on the road. The Network is meant to not only make you feel confident in your choice of auto body shop, but to increase your loyalty to the brand. To achieve this mission the Nissan Certified Network wants to enhance the overall reconditioning experience after a collision by providing resources and educating customers about the post-collision repair process so that they can make informed decisions. The most important decision being to select an auto body shop within the Nissan Certified Network.

We are One of the Only Certified Shops in Orlando!

Every auto body shop and dealership that wants to be certified under the Nissan Certified Network is required to undergo a detailed and thorough multistep certification process. After the initial Application – Registration phrase, Nissan collects the Business Information from every dealership and third-party reconditioning specialist. Next, the Business Capability Assessment includes a list of requirements and standards every shop must meet. It also provides a business development plan to guide applicants through the steps to make the necessary improvements.

Afterward, Nissan provides a Score and Evaluation, and if applicants receive a passing grade, Nissan performs an On-Site Inspection-Audit where they ensure proof of compliance with photos and documentation. Every dealership and auto body shop that passes Nissan’s certification process are actively marketed and promoted by Nissan and will display a Nissan Certified sign on their windows and shop walls. Nissan believes so fully in their certification network they actively market and promote eligible facilities.

In summary, the benefits of using a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network auto body shop are:

  • A guarantee the shop will have the equipment and training to restore your Nissan to manufacturer specifications after a collision
  • Complimentary towing within 50 miles of the shop
  • A network of the auto industry’s most professional guidelines
  • A rigorous certification process guaranteed by Nissan

These Nissan guaranteed benefits and Auto Recon’s dedicated service professionals make us the right choice for your Nissan collision reconditioning.

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