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Opti-Coat Certified Dealer

Color Recon is Trained and Certified to Install Opti-Coat

What is Opti-Coat Pro Plus?

When it comes to protecting your car from the wear and tear of the Florida sun, and the small scratches and dings of day to day life, there’s no better opportunity than Opti-Coat Pro Plus. It’s a ceramic clear coating that is hard wearing and it provides incredible scratch resistance. It’s also great for all factory paints, and can protect them permanently from the environment.

Traditional protective coatings wear down over time or after washes, but Opti-Coat Pro Plus stays. Not only is it more than one hundred times thicker than wax, but this quality allows it to absorb damages that normally get through to the clear coat and paint. Ultimately, you’re looking at a more protective shield between your car’s paint and light scratches.

It also entirely protects against acids that may come from the environment, like bird droppings. This normally eats away and dissolves the traditional paint and clear coat, creating spots of weakened paint and eventually rust. In addition, Opti-Coat Pro Plus has a higher tolerance from water spotting so that your car is always looking like new and lasts a long time. We have warranties available upon request, but they will be determined per the vehicle.

Our process is simple, we follow a four step process:

  • Washing the Vehicle by Hand
  • Decontaminate the Existing Paint
  • 1 Step Polish Process
  • Coating all Painted Surfaces, Trims, Lights, and Windows

Not only is Opti-Coat Pro Plus essential to the protection of your vehicle, but it will keep it looking beautiful for longer. That shine from a newly waxed car will be the standard, and you will be the envy of your entire neighborhood.

Opti-Guard Interior Coating

As Opti-Coat Certified Dealers, we offer the full line of products that they offer, and you’ll be happy to know that we can protect your interior as well as your exterior with our fabric, vinyl, and leather coatings.

Like the Pro-Plus, the Opti-Guard Leather and Vinyl is a hydrophobic coating, so it resists water, but it also has concentrated UV absorbers that will protect your seats and dashboards from aging, cracking, and other damages. There’s a special matting agent included to maintain your original appearance of the surface.

The Opti-Guard Fabric is very much the same, but it’s superhydrophobic to give even better coating to protect your seats, carpets, and fabric convertible tops. liquids are repelled from the surface without penetrating or staining it at all. Best of all, there’s a super strong bond between the surface and Opti-Guard Fabric that it will not wear off during cleaning.

Warranties for this service are also available and will be determined by vehicle and age.

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