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Vehicle Scratch Repair:

We know that your car and its appearance are very important to you. You care for your car regularly and want to make sure it runs – and looks – its best. However, even the most beloved automobile can unfortunately experience unsightly scratches in the painted finish of your car.

From tree branches or other low-hanging foliage, to damage to your door when it’s opened too close to an obstacle, to scratches caused by a tool or key, it’s easy for any car to pick up a few scratches marring your prized paint job. When you need a reputable and reliable auto body repair shop to treat your car with the care it deserves, look no further than Color Recon. We’re experts in repairing all kinds of auto scratches, on hoods, roofs, trunks and doors. From small nicks to longer gouges, we can restore your paint to a perfect finish in any situation.

How To Fix A Scratch On A Car

With the right tools, skills and experience it is possible to repair almost any scratch on a car and return the entire vehicle to a uniform, like-new appearance. Following a proper repair, the scratch will be fully invisible. Color Recon has years of experience in skilled, expert scratch removal and repair; we have the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that your scratch repair is perfect and undetectable.

First, we’ll assess the depth of the scratch. Next, we’ll ensure we have the exact match for your car’s paint. Our next step is to prepare your vehicle for the scratch repair. The final step is to level, polish and perfect the touch up.

  • First, we’ll assess the depth of the scratch. The paint finish of a car is composed of three layers: primer, base coat and clearcoat. The base coat gives your car its color and the clearcoat protects your car’s finish. The deepest scratches penetrate the primer, while superficial scratches might only nick the clearcoat.
  • Next, we’ll ensure we have the exact match for your car’s paint. Automotive paints have a unique factory paint code that can be obtained from manufacturers and dealers in order to ensure there is a perfect match.
  • Our next step is to prepare your vehicle for the scratch repair.Before applying the matching paint, we’ll clean the whole area with a preparatory solvent as it is important that the entire area be completely free of all dirt, debris, rust or oils. We’ll then prepare the damaged area directly by feathering the edges with special sanding tools to ensure a seamless touch up. Touch-up paint can be applied with special small brushes and other tools suitable for the size of the damage to your paint job, followed by a clearcoat identical to your car’s finish.
  • The final step is to level, polish and perfect the touch up. With a wet sanding system, we’ll ensure your scratch repair is flush to your entire paint job, followed by fine-cut polishing the area with a specialized car polisher.

This process leaves behind no buffing marks or indication that the paint was ever disturbed. With Color Recon’s expert car scratch repair service, the repair will be entirely undetectable with a perfectly even and smooth presentation across your entire vehicle.

Trust Color Recon With Your Scratch Repair

At Color Recon, we are perfectionists about your vehicle. We have an extremely high standard of quality and care and take pride in the excellent results of our auto body shop. Our state-of-the-art 6,000-square-foot auto body repair center and specialized paint and cosmetic shop is the ideal location for your scratch repair.

We’re proud to be the most trusted auto body shop in Orlando, and we’re confident that you’ll turn to us for all of your body repair and paint needs. We are often able to complete car scratch repair jobs fully within one day, so you won’t lose time with your vehicle during the repair. Call us today to make an appointment to come in, or to discuss your car scratch repair over the telephone.